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Is Sam Altman returning to Open AI?

The board at Open AI wants Sam Altman back as CEO

Is Sam Altman returning to Open AI after all?

Will Sam Altman continue as CEO?

In a surprising turn of events, Sam Altman is set to reclaim his role as CEO of Open AI, effectively quashing a recent boardroom coup that thrust the company into turmoil. The upheaval led to the resignation of former president Greg Brockman, who is also slated to make a return, marking a significant reshuffling of leadership.

The company, in a statement on Tuesday, revealed an “agreement in principle” for Altman’s return, accompanied by a revamped board featuring Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo. D’Angelo, a holdover from the previous board, provides continuity while representing the ousted directors.

Microsoft has big stakes in the game

An insider glimpse into the negotiations suggests that the initial board’s primary task is to scrutinize and appoint an expanded board, potentially comprising up to nine individuals, to reset OpenAI’s governance. Microsoft, a substantial investor with a $10 billion stake, is keen on securing a seat on the expanded board, aligning with Altman’s interests. CEO Satya Nadella emphasized a desire to avoid future surprises during a recent press tour.

The agreement also entails an investigation into the unfolding saga, likely to be conducted by an external law firm. Despite the outward resolution, hints of an ongoing power struggle persist, reflecting the complexities of the situation.

Is Sam Altman returning to Open AI after all?

Loading tech world drama…

Sam Altman, expressing dedication to the company’s mission, asserted that his recent actions aimed to preserve the team’s cohesion. Thrive Capital, another major investor, hailed Altman’s return as the optimal outcome, citing the potential of OpenAI to be a historically impactful computing company.

The turn of events leading to Altman’s reinstatement has been nothing short of dramatic. The nonprofit board initially appeared steadfast in its decision to remove Altman, prompting employee protests and even threats to defect to Microsoft. Key board members opposed to Altman remained tight-lipped about the specific reasons behind his firing, adding a layer of mystery to the unfolding drama.

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