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Squid Game: The Challenge 2023 exposed?

Following the emergence of doubts about Squid Game: The Challenge, the contestants have now gone to TikTok to reveal the truth behind the series.

Squid game

Squid Game, what was once an entertainment tv show played by actors has now come out with an updated version of real life people taking part as contestants. Players have now revealed the truth behind the inhumane conditions they had to go through.

Inspired by the hugely successful Korean drama Squid Game, Squid Game: The Challenge features real life people playing re-enacted versions of the dangerous childhood games to win a prize fund of over $4.5 million from the original series.

The reality show, which debuted on November 22, serves as a means for fans to return to the engrossing world of the Squid Game series.

The horrors of red light, green light

Both squid game series began with the game titled “red light, green light.” In the recreation, the game was shown to last exactly five minutes long. After the contestants posted videos exposing the show, they revealed the game actually lasted for a minimum of seven hours. They also revealed the temperature outside that specific day was 0 degrees Celsius and they weren’t allowed to cover up their tracksuits. This situation even caused one of the contestants to be diagnosed with hypothermia and was asked to continue the game with purple hands.

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“This is not a Bear Grylls survival show,” blasted a contestant identified as John. “If they had told us it was going to be that cold, no one would have gone through with it,” he seethed. Marlene added, “It’s not like we signed up for ‘Survivor’ or ‘Naked and Afraid.’

Another contestant on squid game exposed, “the second time the song played, I saw in my left peripheral vision that this girl was swaying,” Marlene recalled. “Then she just buckled, and you could hear her head actually hit the ground. But then someone came on the [microphone] and said to hold our positions because the game is not paused. After that, people were dropping like flies.

According to her, water wasn’t even allowed during the hours-long shoot. “There were some things I guess (producers) didn’t think about.”

Arriving millionaires, leaving sick

squid game

“There were people arriving thinking they were going to be millionaires but they left in tears,” said one anonymous participant to The Sun. “People were getting carried out by medics but we couldn’t say anything. If you talk then you’re out … You could hear someone yell ‘medic’ and the crew would rush on,” the player said.

Netflix’s Response

Netflix has since come out with their own response to the chaos happening, and continues to deny any form of injury being caused to the players due to their tv show.

“Claims of serious injury are untrue,” along with the allegations of inhumane conditions (per Variety). They also seem to believe the contestants are looking for some sort of compensation and are causing havoc because of that.

When approached by Variety, sources close to the production allegedly denied that doctors were called eleven times, but they did affirm to The Sun that at least three participants in “Squid Game: The Challenge” required medical attention. They concluded by insinuating that they don’t mind receiving any legal threats because they believe they did nothing wrong and concluded with a statement revealing not taking breaks while filming is completely normal and common.

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