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Top 10 book Influencers to follow on Instagram

Follow these book Influencers for the best recommendations and aesthetically pleasing posts

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Here’s a list of the best book Influencers on Instagram who share the best-curated lists of recommendations, suitable for any reader.

Book Influencers on Instagram

Instagram is the go-to place to find Influencers and aesthetically pleasing posts on the stuff you love, and with the recent change in weather, it’s the perfect time to get cozy with a good book. So we’ve curated this list of the top 10 book Influencers to follow for the perfect recommendations:

Elle (@ellereadsomebooks)

Elle is a 23-year-old who loves to share her book reviews, and give unique book recommendations according to your zodiac sign, and even share playlists for bookstagram’s favorite novels.

Taylor (@tayrosen)

You may know Taylor best for funny skits that have gone viral on TikTok, but he’s also one of the best book Influencers on Instagram. He shares his unsolicited reviews with his followers, and you get to have a nice laugh from his skits every now and then.

Heather (@heaths.bookclub)

If you love Emily Henry, Heather is the perfect Instagram profile to follow. When she isn’t busy making great, entertaining videos on YouTube, she’s sharing her favorite reads and recommending books on her Instagram.

Tiffany (@readbytiffany)

Tiffay is the perfect book Influencer to follow in case you also love to read manga, and comic books. She also creates very niche and unique book recommendations, perfect for someone who has a specific genre or trope that they love to read.

Bernie (@apaperbacklife)

Do you believe in the Salley Rooney, Emily Henry and Dolly Alderton trinity? Then Bernie is the perfect follow for you. This book Influencer will give you book recommendations according to your mood, and be honest with her reviews.

Logan (@loganslibraryy)

If you want to know what popular BookTokers are reading, Logan is the one to follow. She shares what her annotations look like (spoiler: super aesthetically pleasing and beautiful!), and what she’s currently reading these days.

S (@booksandbeyonddd)

If you want relatable videos and jokes about what it’s really like being a reader, the best book Influencer to follow is S. She is fun, interactive, and gives constant updates on what she’s reading and what is going on in her life, which is perfect if you really want to get to know the person behind the posts.

Jill (@booknerd_reads)

Jill is a book Influencer who shares aesthetically pleasing pictures of her annotations in books, her recommendations, and her to-die-for desk. Her book recommendations are perfect for beginners and anyone who is looking for their next read, really.

Sav (@savs.books)

Want even MORE fantasy book recommendations? Follow Sav, who gives amazing fantasy recommendations, and many that have a romantic twist to them. She’ll tell you books that match the exact trope you’re looking for, making choosing your next pick super easy.

Becky (@the_bookaddict)

TikTok Books are all the rage, and Becky knows exactly what’s hot and what’s not. She’ll give unique recommendations and update her followrs on what she’s reading, making her a great addition to this top 10 list.

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