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Top 10 captivating EDM Influencers to follow

Read more for details on which EDM Influencers to follow before Wow Music Fest

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Wow Music Fest is coming to Dubai

Wow Music Fest is coming to Dubai on Saturday, September 30 at City Walk’s Coca-Cola Arena. In a one-night-only event, German DJ and Grammy-nominated producer Paul van Dyk is headlining. The man behind the 1994 dance track ‘For an Angel’, van Dyk is revered in the EDM scene.

Also on the line-up for Wow Music Fest are Infected Mushroom, Weekend Heroes, and Invisible Reality. Local Emirati DJ and star of Dubai Bling, DJ Bliss will also be on the decks producing an ‘immersive’ set.

So don’t miss out and get your tickets now at or

Top EDM Influencers

There’s still a long way to go before we can see the amazing performances at Wow Music Fest, so to hold you over until September 30th, here is a list of the top 10 EDM Influencers to follow right now for tips on everything from dance routines to fashion.

Lauren Corazza (@laurencorazza)

Lauren is a US-based EDM Influencer with over 180 thousand followers. Dance with her to level up your game this summer.

Vanesa Seco (@vansecoo)

Vanesa is both an artist and a dancer with a passion for EDM. She has over 1 million followers on the social media platform Instagram, where she does collaborations, shares dance videos, and more.

Elena Cruz (@ecruz_n)

Elena is an EDM Influencer with over 650 thousand followers. As a dancer who loves EDM, she will help you with your moves before you show them off at any festival.

HI-LO (@hilo_ofc)

HI-LO is pushing the boundaries as an artist in techno music. His Instagram account, which has garnered over 130 thousand followers is full of amazing mashups and bright lights that any EDM fan will love.

4B (@dj4b)

This EDM artist, DJ, and Influencer will blow you away with his tunes. His Instagram, which has racked up over 150 thousand followers, has videos of his performances at several different venues, and each one is more hyped up than the next.

Brenda (@_itsbrendas)

Brenda is another artist and dancer who will mesmerize you with her shuffle moves, making her the perfect account to follow for any EDM lover.

May (@maylovespink)

May is a doctorate student, but she also loves to dance. As an EDM Influencer, she posts dance videos and collaborations on her Instagram, which has over 140 thousand followers.

I Hate Models (@ihatemodels1)

This DJ and artist is passionate about EDM and fire. Their sets and their posts are lit up by bold colors and antics, which is fun for any EDM lover.

Amelie Lens (@amelie_lens)

Amelie Lens’ Instagram which has over 2 million followers is full of videos of her jam-packed sets and some personal posts, which is great if you want to really know the EDM Influencer behind the content.

Adam Beyer (@realadambeyer)

Adam is another EDM artist and DJ who shares snippets of his personal life on his Instagram. With over 800 thousand followers, Adam is an excellent live performer who can captivate his audience within minutes.

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