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Hailey Bieber sits down with skincare influencer Hyram for ‘Rhode Skin’ launch

Does Hyram approve or not? Read to find out.


Hyram Yarbo had Gen Z in a chokehold on TikTok with his real and raw opinions on skincare & advice.

The influencer has now gained over 6.3 million followers on his TikTok channel, that have allowed him to collaborate with some of the biggest brands and names in the industry.

Yesterday, Miss Hailey Bieber, known for her flawless skin and perfect natural glow, released her own skincare line called Rhode Skin.

The line has been designed to “nourish” the skin and heal and hydrate the skin barrier over time.

Hyram plays judge

In a recently uploaded YouTube video, Hailey and beauty guru Hyram go through each of the products for the line and he gives his honest opinion.

Sitting in front of the camera, he tried on ‘Glaze’ a hydrating fluid that incorporates the ingredient Peptide, which Bieber has heavily incorporated into her products for antioxidant effects and hydration.

Hyram also went on to use her ‘Restore’ cream, which is almost a gel consistency and is used as a lightweight moisturizer.

In the video, he praised Hailey for her attention to detail for incorporating specific ingredients and formulas, that tend to those with sensitive skin.

The video gained a lot of support and praise in the comments, one user wrote:

Was honestly skeptical when I heard about another celebrity coming out with a skincare line, but I’ve been following Hyram for some years now and if he approves, then I totally trust this line!

Another took to YouTube to say:

atleast someone who knows all the ingredients and their function has launched their skin line for once ❤️ really shows you were invested in this project 🙂 thanks for keeping it in the budget too!!!

All of the products of Rhode Skin are under $30 USD, which is something we don’t see often in the world of celebrity product lines.

Will you be trying it out? Let us know on Twitter @itpliveme.