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How to Shop Like a Stylist at DSF

Iced out… no stylist.

Everyone is trying to emulate French Montana when he sang about how he achieved the effortless iced out look… No stylist. Well, unfortunately it’s a little bit difficult to achieve the look sans-stylist; until now.

Here are some tips. When shopping for denim, get a denim jacket, because it works with everything. Pair that with skinny jeans and you have a great outfit ready to go. Looking for makeup bags? Victoria’s Secret has amazing makeup bags that fit a lot in them, and are great for travel. Rituals has all the scrubs, gels, and body care products that you might need.

The Gap has lots of looks that you can style like athleisure wear. Riva has lots of great bags that work as phone cases, and we all know how important a phone case is (and how easy iPhone screens are to crack.) Although the sales at DSF may be over, it’s always good to keep an eye on how stylists shop, and little tips that you can use to improve your wardrobe… no stylist.