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Influencer Anthony Charged With Creating Absurd Fake Crimes

The 27-year-old content creator Anthony has been arrested and charged with public mischief.


Anthony Gagné

A 27-year-old, from Gatineau, Quebec, content developer named Anthony Gagné was charged with public mischief after he tried to fabricate crimes to get the attention of the local police.

According to Global News, Gatineau police claim that Gagné had been filming fictitious incidents, uploading the footage to his social network, and then sharing them.

“Free Candy”

Anthony bought a van with the words “Free Candy” painted on it in an effort to draw kids in for his practical jokes. In a TikTok video posted on Gagné’s account, he can be seen photographing these kids and passersby in the neighborhood while driving a U-Haul rental and pretending to have a moustache. He also yells, “free candy.” Numerous locals called 911 as a result of the event.

The May 26th video was tagged as “my biggest project yet” in the caption. Anthony has posted a lengthier version of the video to her YouTube channel.


Gagné began publishing fake videos in 2021, and according to Gatineau police, they found multiple recordings with similar intents. Authorities said he looked up information about potential crimes online using a variety of search engines.

Drawing Attention from the Police


Const. Patrick Kenney of the Gatineau police said, “We know that the crime wasn’t real in this case here.” “We are aware that his actions were not intended to encourage young people to commit crimes. To create a video, that is.

After discovering more recordings of Gagné feigning crimes, the police accused him of attempting public mischief. In the end, they decided to free him on the proviso that he stop sharing anything on his social media accounts.

In Gagné’s house, police found three cellphones, a tablet, a laptop, fake blood, a ski mask, and a gas mask.

Gagné was not new to creating videos similar to this. In 2022, the RCMP had issued a warning to him to cease producing fictitious crime recordings after they tried to attract the FBI’s notice.

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