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Influencer Sophia left Everyone Confused 2023

YouTuber Sophiology, also known as Sophia Idahosa, recently made headlines after she underwent a BBL



The “Christian BBL” may be the newest trend in surgery.

The topic gained popularity on social media earlier this week, specifically X, after Christian YouTube personality Sophiology—real name Sophia Idahosa—shared a 39-minute video in which she described the process.

Sophia clarified that she had undergone liposuction and a fat transfer to her hips with Houston cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jung Money, and that the entire recuperation process would take six months. Making a connection between the surgery and her Christian faith, Idahosa responded angrily to those who were “judgemental” about her decision to undergo surgery and “projecting their beliefs.”


“Yes or No?”

Sophia stated, “I have never presented myself as [a] holy, perfect example,” at approximately 6:30 in the video below. “I’ve always vouched for the girls that love God”

The 25-year-old Nigerian woman stated in an earlier YouTube video that she supported surgery, even if some Christians thought that natural bodies were more acceptable in terms of religion.

Do not misunderstand me. “I understand that some people are pro-natural bodies and say things like ‘don’t get veneers or do anything to yourself,'” she remarked in the video. “I’m not that person in real life. Anything that improves your appearance, confidence, self-esteem, or general quality of life is something I’m here to support.”

“Any decisions I make in life—have your disappointment and make a choice,” she went on. Do you feel affection for me? “Yes or no?”

Who gave Sophia permission?

Despite Idahosa’s insistence that she received spiritual approval from God, many social media users found fault with her justification. Many people who were perplexed by Idahosa’s travels and believed that she was using her religion as a way out laughed at the “Christian BBL” currency. Tuesday saw “Christian BBL” become a trending subject on X, and those who weren’t familiar with the concept gave it the meme treatment.

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