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Instagram’s “Creator Subscriptions Program” now available in 10 more regions

More ‘Creators’ will now be able to leverage Instagram to deepen connections with followers while unlocking recurring monthly income

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To attract more creators to the platform, Instagram has taken a new initiative by expanding its Creators Subscription Program to 10 more regions, which was earlier only available in the United States. This will now allow seeing creators in these ten new regions to offer their exclusive content to paying subscribers in their Instagram app.

Instagram has always been working on aligning the benefits of creators and their earnings, to give creators a set of tools or resources to help them earn a living on social media. By introducing IG subscriptions as one such tool the previous year, Instagram has helped creators in the US to find a new and interesting way to unlock some recurring monthly income alongside deepening connections with their most engaged followers.

According to Instagram, “After seeing the value that subscriptions can offer to creators in the US, we’re expanding access to the feature to more creators around the world. In the coming weeks, eligible creators in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom will be able access to Subscriptions and start earning support from their fans. We plan to continue rolling out access globally in the coming months.”

What’s good about Instagram Subscriptions?

Creators can now leverage IG’s subscription program to develop a strategy to drive user engagement for their accounts by making deeper connections with their followers and earning some consistent income from the same. Sure this seems attractive but are you guessing how will it work?

The idea is that creators can now give subscribers access to some exclusive content and offer benefits, and guess what everything can be done within the same platform where you are already interacting with them on a daily basis.

As a content creator, all you need to do is set a monthly price of your own accord, unlock a “subscribe” button on your profile, and get ready with your services to offer some exclusive benefits to your subscribers. See what the list of exclusive benefits that you can offer would look like:

  • Subscriber Posts, Stories, Reels, and Lives
    • Create and offer content in the form of reels, posts, and stories just for your subscribers. Share this exclusive content by using interactive story stickers or you can even go live with your paying subscribers only.
  • Subscriber Highlights
    • The newest exclusive stories that you created will automatically be saved to a highlight that would only be made visible to subscribers, to make sure that they never miss a story.
  • Subscriber Broadcast and Social Channels
    • Your subscriber can get special access or information to your content or posts in subscriber-only channels.
  • Subscriber Badges
    • You can now identify and prioritize interacting with your subscribers, using the subscriber badge that you can find next to comments and messages that your subscribers send to you.

How to leverage Instagram Subscriptions as a ‘Creator’?


For sharing exclusive content with their subscriber across multiple formats and building a community with subscribers in different ways, Creators need to leverage the Subscriptions Program and benefit from the same. To provide tips and best practices including how to turn on offers to help you grow and keep subscribers, Instagram has also provided a Instagram Subscriptions Creator Playbook for reference.

Instagram will begin inviting creators it deems eligible for the program to start earning with the help of their fans and connections by keeping them entertained and giving them exclusive content. The platform plan to continue rolling out access subscriptions globally in the coming months.

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