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Jaquemus Gifts Ariana Grande ‘Le Rond’ Bag

Designer Jaquemus recently gifted Ariana Grande his new signature ‘Le Rond’ Bag in pink, as she featured on her stories last weekend. She added the note “ily (I love you) thank you @jaquemus.”

She star has worn a plethora of designers recently, from Yves Saint Laurent, to custom looks by Versace, with a large array of Courrèges pieces. In her most recent Instagram post, she shared an appreciation post for Courrèges, which was also a plug for her new makeup line, R.E.M. Beauty, in an outfit that looks similar to her styling during her single “Problem” with Iggy Azelea. She shared, lands in @ultabeauty 4.17 and i look like i’m about to miss my cue for “problem”.”

Jaquemus bags are very cleverly designed; especially the mini Jaquemus, which is known for being impractically small. It only fits a credit card, lip balm, and a toothpick, give or take. However, their whimsy is incredibly trendy, which is how they have ended up on the arm or hand of every influencer, and celeb. Jaquemus has a large social presence as well. So, if Ariana has Le Rond, will it catch like the previous Jaquemus? Will Ariana begin wearing the Jaquemus? Only time will tell.