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Justine Skye faces major backlash at Snapchat post throwing suspicious shade

Find out what Justine Skye had to say that had Twitter going crazy.

Justine Skye

Singer and actor, Justine Skye took a dig at Justin Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez in a now deleted snap post.

Justine took to Snapchat to share a snap that read, “Making TikToks everyday like you don’t have a sh*tty makeup brand to run?” Hmmm… It’s just whack as hell.

Selena’s fans were quick to respond to the snap, which appeared to be directed at the Rare Beauty founder.

Twitter was blowing up yesterday, many people also indicated that Hailey and Justine have been rumored to be ‘obsessed’ with Selena for years.

The post further pointed fingers at the former Disney star, who has been increasingly active on her TikTok account.

Justine Skye’s response

Justine has indeed responded to the controversy, claiming that her Snapchat account was hacked, but fans are skeptical.

Jutstine Skye
Credit: Undercover/Justine Skye

One user wrote:

“Justine Skye throwing shade at Selena Gomez and then back tracking saying she got hacked has me HOLLERING”.

Another also expressed their suspicions on the singer claiming it wasn’t her:

If someone hacked you, wouldn’t they post photos or messages? Something more meaningful? Why would they log onto Snapchat just to shade Selena. You got caught shading her and now you’re backtracking”.

Many of Selena’s supporters vocalized their support of the star, who has been caught up in a never-ending controversy with Justin’s new wife, Hailey Bieber.

Prior to settling down and marrying Hailey in September of 2018, Justin and Selena were involved in a very public, on-and-off again relationship for many years.

The 28-year old, “As Long As You Love me” singer rekindled his relationship briefly with Selena just months before his proposal to Hailey that was posted on Instagram.

Throughout the Justine Skye Snapchat drama taking place, Selena chose to keep silent on the matter but came out with another TikTok, could this be her response at to trying to put an end to this love triangle fued once and for all?

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