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KSI announces what he calls “a childhood dream” on Twitter

I bet you didn’t see this coming.


YouTube boxers KSI and Logan Paul announced some exciting news yesterday evening after creating a build-up of curiosity on Twitter. KSI went onto the social media platform telling his followers he had a ‘crazy announcement’ that ‘no one will see coming.’

After posting an extra 5 tweets on this ‘biggest announcement ever, KSI then wrote a heartfelt announcement, surprising everyone with his news that involved fellow YouTuber and professional boxer, Logan Paul.

It has to be said, KSI definitely does know how to create suspension with his tweets and get the conversation going. Even without the announcement, he generated thousands of likes and hundreds of retweets.

The announcement that finally came was very exciting indeed. KSI and Logan Paul teamed up with the football club Arsenal, sponsoring the club with their drink Prime. He said in his warming caption ‘This is honestly one of the greatest days of my life. A childhood dream. To be able to sponsor Arsenal with Prime and have it at the stadium for everyone to drink including the players!!! Feeling food about Arsenal this season too so I’m gassed.’

He attached two pictures with the Tweet of him and Logan standing in the Arsenal dressing room on either side of a PRIME Arsenal t-shirt, and another drinking their Prime hydration beverage. The boosting drink was created by two creatives and is a perfect match as a sponsor with sports being the focal point of the drink. Even the announcement of Prime left everyone in suspense after teasing fans. Many of them suggested there would be a KSI x Logan Paul fight, but it was the exact opposite.

Are you excited for KSI and Logan Paul on their latest venture?

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