Logan Paul

Jake Paul Arrested?
A video has emerged which shows the star being arrested but some fans have their doubts
Logan Paul delivers an impassioned plea
The social media superstar took to social media to show his solidarity for the #BlackLivesMatter movement
Logan Paul congratulates KSI on his new album
Does this mean that the feud is over?

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Logan Paul Considers Fight Loss A Huge Win
The YouTuber everyone loves to hate on says its all good in his books
KSI Wins Boxing Rematch Against Logan Paul in A Controversial Decision
Did somebody say a third match is in the making?
Everything You Need To Know About Watching the KSI vs Logan Paul Fight (2.0)
The most EPIC fight you'll ever witness - and the biggest YouTube event of the year
KSI and Logan Paul Officially Announce Fight Date
Both creators have released promo videos encouraging fans to tune in this November
Syndicate and Miniminter Do The "Guess That YouTuber's Song" Challenge