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ACE Family Fans Calling Austin a Stalker?

Austin McBroom has stirred worry after announcing he’s moved into an RV directly outside his recently divorced wife’s house


The Viral Divorce

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz surprised the public by announcing their divorce on January 11, 2024, which marked the end of their YouTube series, The Ace Family.

The husband and wife team had been heading the family channel since 2016, but they faced various problems during their time in the spotlight. McBroom endured multiple adultery charges, and in 2022, the couple announced their intention to depart YouTube.

Then, in early January 2024, the couple announced their divorce, with Paiz citing “irreconcilable challenges” as the reason. However, McBroom’s actions following the revelation has raised some concerns among viewers.


Austin’s weird online behavior

First, he was called out and chastised for a series of “embarrassing” Snapchat images, but now that he has revealed that he has purchased an RV to reside outside of Paiz’s house, some are questioning whether all is well.

In a video shared on TikTok account ‘_vidz_00’, McBroom updated viewers on his living circumstances and described how he wants to be as close as possible to his three children, whom he shares with Paiz.


Why are his fans calling him a stalker?

@_vidz_00 Austin McBroom moves into a RV next to Catherine Paiz😭#catherinemcbroom #austinmcbroom #acefamily #youtube #youtuber #trending #trend #fyp #foryou #you ♬ original sound – Vidz

McBroom revealed that he had acquired an RV and parked it on the side of the street immediately opposite Paiz’s house, calling it a “temporary solution” and “the best that [he] can do for now”.

“I’m pleased with it. “And as long as they and I are happy, that is all that matters,” he stated. In a follow-up video, McBroom gave viewers a tour of the RV, repeating that the situation was just temporary and that he wanted to be closer to his children.

Despite his emphasis on his intentions, viewers described the event as “weird” and “scary.” Some even questioned whether it was real, alleging McBroom’s video was a publicity stunt or joke, and wondering if the films were satirical.

“If this was really mutual, I believe Catherine would let him live inside,” commented one reader. Another person said, “In all seriousness, she really should get a restraining order against him.”

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