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Dubai Bling Season 2 review – It’s crazy

The Bling squad is back – another season of laughter, drama, tears, and friendship. (SPOILERS INCLUDED)


Dubai bling season 2 is out … and better than ever. Here are our top 3 favorite moments from the show.

Dubai Bling’s friend group is back?


Who would’ve thought this day would come (especially after the scene where Bliss tried peace making). Even if you saw this day coming, I guarantee, you did not see it going the way it did. After Ebrahim *attempted* to apologize numerous times. We always expected him making the first move. But lo and behold, Queen Danya finally stepped in and saved the day. We’ll be the first to admit that Danya and Safa apologizing and bringing the group back together were the least expected turn of events. Safa’s iconic quote, ‘You’re like an Ali Baba version of me, relax’—okay, maybe not Ali Baba, but Danya is definitely a version of her for sure.



Oh. My. God. THE ENDING! Why and whose idea was it to leave us with a cliffhanger that intense?? LJ GETTING REMARRIED? Okay. Let’s rewind for a second. For the very first time, Dubai Bling ended on a crazy cliffhanger. It consisted of LJ’s long-distance boyfriend sweeping her away from the dinner and asking her the BIG question in front of everyone. So, did she say yes? Did she say no? That’s our point. We don’t know. Season 2 ended before LJ even gave her response, leaving everyone at the table and everyone watching it online so curious. I guess we’ll never know.

Kris and bliss? No one saw that coming


As expected, there was drama between two of the cast members in Dubai bling, yes, that’s obvious but it wasn’t with Zeina, Safa, Danya, or Ebrahim. That’s right, it was between Kris and Bliss. We’re confused too. No one saw that coming. Bliss revealed at the show’s very start that he and Kris have had an ongoing beef for years. Some of the audience found Bliss’s approach “too much” while the other half found Kris Fade’s reaction disappointing. All we know is, that this is the last duo expected to still not make up yet.

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