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TikToker Amy Flamy Opens Up About “Confusing” Relationship with IShowSpeed

Apparently Amy and IShowSpeed never happened …

The Nature of Amy Flamy and IShowSpeed’s Relationship

Amy Flamy, a popular Korean TikToker, has shed light on her relationship with YouTuber IShowSpeed. The two, who were often seen together in content, shared mutual feelings, but the nature of their relationship was ambiguous.

Content or Genuine Connection?

The pair’s relationship came under scrutiny after a public confrontation during a live stream where Speed’s barber, Courtney, gave him relationship advice. Speed later clarified that they were “never together,” but Flamy offered a different perspective.

During a TikTok Live session, Amy explained that while their Korea and London streams were primarily for content, the boundaries of their relationship were unclear. “Some words were thrown around between Speed and his team about maybe taking me to the Euros finals and maybe meeting me in July when I go to Florida, but it wasn’t a set deal,” she said. “It was more of a maybe.”

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Mixed Emotions and Misunderstandings

Flamy admitted that she had feelings for Speed and that the confusion was mutual. She recounted asking Speed if their relationship was just for content, to which he admitted initially, but he later “caught a bit of feelings” and felt conflicted. Flamy shared these sentiments, noting that she would have considered a real relationship after a few more dates.

“If it was all for content all along, maybe it would have been best if he told me to play along with his girlfriend jokes and I would have been okay with waking up at 4AM for his streams,” Flamy explained. “But at the same time, I think he was confused, just as I was. It was just confusing for both of us.”

Moving Forward

Despite the confusion, Flamy and Speed seem to be on better terms now. Amy mentioned that Speed had apologized and urged viewers not to blame Courtney for her involvement, reminding them that she is just a teenager.

Flamy concluded her live by attributing the situation to miscommunication and human emotions, asserting that the issue has been resolved.

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