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MrBeast Left Stunned After IShowSpeed Beat KSI In *THIS*

YouTube star MrBeast was left stunned as streamer IShowSpeed successfully completed his $100K Wipeout course, surpassing fellow influencer KSI in the process

MrBeast’s $100,000 Obstacle Course

Though MrBeast is well-known for his outrageous challenges with substantial financial rewards, his most recent competition produced some particularly heated exchanges between two of the most well-liked YouTubers on the internet.

MrBeast got met with IShowSpeed and KSI on June 4, 2024, and he challenged them to a $100,000 obstacle course in the vein of Wipeout. Similar to the show, Mr. Beast’s course was constructed inside of a pool, so that if an influencer fell off, they would land in the water.

So What Happened?

In a classic trolling move, KSI shoved Speed into the water to gain an advantage. However, it ultimately took the two quite a while to get through each part. The YouTubers had to jump over a number of “not big red balls,” a rotating platform, and a rope-swinging section before they could proceed to the next.


In the end, IShowSpeed won, but not before he had an incredible wipeout and required KSI’s assistance to get out of the water.MrBeast, on the other hand, told the YouTuber that he needed to land on the last platform to win the $100,000 because he wasn’t sure that Speed had finished the course. “You think 100 grand is supposed to be easy? Do you think I just throw this thing around? …you gotta complete the course, or you’re not getting it.”

IShowSpeed’s Iconic Move

The most popular YouTuber, MrBeast, insisted that Speed wouldn’t win the grand prize until he completed the course successfully a second time. However, Speed eventually gave in and admitted that all he needed to do was cross the enormous red balls in one go, which the YouTuber did in the end, much to MrBeast’s dismay.

He lamented, “Oh no, I just lost 100 grand,” while Speed triumphantly yelled from the platform behind him. “I didn’t believe he would actually do it.”

As a result of his hard work, Speed was able to take home ten briefcases containing $10,000 apiece, which Mr. Beast verified were filled with genuine money because people “don’t think anything I do is actually real.”

The streamer begged for an electronic transfer to make things easy, but MrBeast made Speed and his buddies physically carry the bulky briefcases off the scene, giving him the last laugh despite losing $100K.

The segment starts at 58:40.

This is only the most recent instance of IShowSpeed’s content going viral; the YouTuber recently became viral by mimicking the “undercover” film that football legend Cristiano Ronaldo made in Madrid.

This comes following the streamer’s visit to South Korea, where he startled followers by running into the nation’s military after attempting to stream at the North Korean border and even getting bitten in the face by a dog.

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