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Marvel’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” trailer reaches over 26M views in 48 hours

Check out the trending trailer for Marvels newest film release all about Thor, the God of thunder.


Thor aka ‘The God of thunder’ is returning to theaters this summer, on July 8th!

This week, Marvel Studios released the new official trailer for the upcoming movie and it has got social media going crazy.

Currently trending #1 on YouTube, the trailer has reached over 26 million views on the platform.

The new trailer begins with Korg recounting the tale of Thor Odinson, but he is interrupted when he discovers there is more than one God of Thunder around…Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor herself (Natalie Portman).

 The movie will mark Natalie Portman’s first appearance in film series since 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World”.

Within the trailer, Thor is seen struggling to cope from the unexpected arrival of his former love, but are those feelings still there?

The villain of this movie is Gorr, played by Hollywood actor Christian Bale.

He forces Thor to return to action, to stop Gorr, who is determined to eliminate all the Gods as they must ultimately ‘die for their selfishness’.

What fans think about Thor’s new movie

Fans on YouTube expressed their thoughts on the new trailer, one user wrote:

I honestly love all of these characters. The chemistry between Thor, Korg and Valkyrie is fantastic and Jane’s costume looks amazing. Gorr looks terrifying and I love how the fights look heavily stylistic with the change to black and white with the only colour coming from Thor and Jane. I honestly can’t wait.

Many took to reveal their thoughts on Gorr’s character, with people supporting Marvel’s decision to cast Christian Bale and the way that they have visually depicted him in this trailer.

One person on YouTube stated:

“Christian Bale looks absolutely terrifying as Gorr so refreshing to see him again in another comic book movie after almost ten years.”

With another account below, sharing on Twitter Director Taika Waititi’s thoughts on the super villain.

It’s fair to say that Marvel fans are super excited for the new release, to see how Director Taika Waititi unpacks together the themes of love, war and death so cohessively.

“Thor: Love and Thunder” hits theaters Friday July 8th.

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