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Pinterest Shares Insight Into Summer Travel Trends for 2024

Check out these summer trends on Pinterest to stay ahead of the game!

Pinterest is the Go-To For Aesthetic Pictures!

With the warmer months approaching, Pinterest has released a new summary of rising travel patterns in its app, which may be useful for marketers looking to capitalize on holiday-themed opportunities.

Because, while it may not receive as much attention as other social media platforms, Pinterest remains an important resource for travel-related research.

As per Pinterest:

“With over one billion travel-related searches and over 10 billion travel saves in one year, Pinterest is full of ideas to get the most out of your next trip.8 in 10 weekly Pinterest users turn to Pinterest when planning their summer escapades, and since last year, searches for “travel vision board” and “packing guide” have skyrocketed 210% and 480% respectively as travelers curate their bucket lists and gear up for unforgettable journeys.”

First off, Pinterest says that “adventure travel” is getting more attention, which includes searches for “Scuba diving photography” (up +60%), “Mountaineering” (+40%), “Adventure camping” (+44%) and “Caving” (+40%) on the rise.

Also, water parks:


At the same time, quiet and solo travels have also been popular, including “Glamping aesthetic” (+260%), “Wellness retreat aesthetic” (+90%), “Cabin in the mountains” (+180%) and “National park” (+250%) seeing attention.

they also said that Pinners are looking for mysterious places to visit, with searches for “Haunted places” (+155%), “Ancient cities” (+75%), and “Places on earth that do not feel real” (+240%) attracting interest.

Road trips have also been popular, and could present marketing opportunities, with searches like “Comfy road trip outfit” (+250%), “What do bring on a road trip” (+66%) and “Road trip snacks” (+65%).

Finally, they has also highlighted some of the most popular destination-related searches at present:

  • “London lifestyle” (+340%)
  • “South African food” (+320%)
  • “Santorini party” (+300%)
  • “Goa nightlife” (+270%)
  • “Summer in Brazil” (+250%)
  • “Bali vibes” (+195%)
  • “History of Myanmar” (+170%)
  • “Rural India” (+100%)
  • “Singapore culture” (+100%)
  • “Morocco aesthetic” (+90%)

Not all of these are explicitly about travel, but they do provide some further insights regarding Pin trends.

These are some useful notes that might help you plan your Christmas marketing strategies, whether on or off the application.

But on the app, they could be especially useful, and if you want to connect with holidaymakers, these are some of the essential trends to watch.

You can find all of summer travel trends here.

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