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Reddit Tests The “Official” Tag To Signify Verified Identity

Reddit is now entering the verification fray, with its new ‘Official’ tag being displayed on some accounts, signifying confirmed identity


In the midst of Meta and X brawling, whether it is the launch of Threads or the introduction of new and unheard features for Twitter Blue users the biggest tech giants have actually forgotten the main issue of making the verification process simpler. However, Reddit has recently entered the grapple by launching its new ‘Official tag’ for the verification of organizations.

Entering the verification array, Reddit has rolled out its ‘Official’ labels which will be displayed on some Reddit accounts signifying confirmed identity as a part of initial testing of the feature. The move is aimed at providing users with some level of transparency and gaining users’ trust in the age of digital mistrust and anxiety.

As announced by the platform, the first phase of testing its new ‘Official’ tag will be displayed on profiles that it has already communicated with, in order to validate their presence.

Reddit’s growth and user activity

Reddit keeps looking for ways to improve and simplify how Redditors and organizations interact and engage with its 100,000+ active communities. In line with this, the platform announced its key statistics for last month that show it has:

  • 100,000+ active communities
  • Over 57M daily active unique users
  • Over 50,000 daily active moderators (mods)
  • More than 96% of its top 5,000 communities (by DAU) are open as of now

To conclude, every day, over 57 million daily active unique visitors engage with more than 100,000 active communities on the platform, and to date, have contributed more than 13 billion pieces of content in the form of posts and comments across the globe.

The platform keeps this on track by rolling out new features and making it easier for Redditors and publishers to share their content on and off the platform.

According to Reddit, “By making it easier for users and publishers to share and link back to Reddit content, we continue building on our mission to grow and help more people find community, belonging, and empowerment – by engaging in the topics that matter to them most.”

Reddit’s new visual indicator on select profiles

The platform believes that the new ‘Official’ labels are designed keeping in mind that the main purpose is to help increase ‘authentic engagement’ between organizations and users. This could only be achieved by countering impersonation and bringing in the trust factor. Therefore, it’s verification but under a different name.

According to the platform, “Starting today, redditors may notice a small number of profiles with an “Official” label next to usernames, similar to how Flair appears across a subreddit. This new label is designed to increase transparency and help Redditors, moderators, and communities quickly identify organizations and trust that these users are who they say they are.”

With this early test, they are determined to achieve their main goal is to explore ways in which we can help increase authentic users and engagement on the platform. It is an undying attempt to increase transparency across the app and counter impersonation to bring some digital security.

The feature is at an initial testing stage, therefore is currently only available to a select number of profiles belonging to organizations with whom the platform has a kind of existing relationship and can roll out the feature in the coming next phase to a larger audience.

The ‘Official’ label is merely a visual indicator of an authenticated profile and it surely does not unlock any special privileges, just to clarify. The new official tag is separate from the platform’s existing ‘Promoted’ label which continues to be the only indicator of a paid ad on the platform.

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