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TV Presenter Danyah Shafei Opens Up About Her Divorce

About Danyah Shafei’s divorce. Read for more details

Details on the divorce

In a surprising announcement to her fans and followers, journalist Danyah Shafei revealed the end of her marriage through a heartfelt post on her official Instagram account. The MBC3 presenter shared the news of her separation via an Instagram story, stating: “Every story has a beginning and an end. Some stories end before they begin. All things are better from God. I have officially separated, and God writes all the best for me.”


The social media figure did not disclose the reasons for the separation, opting for a quiet and private approach to preserve her personal privacy.


About the wedding

The TV presenter celebrated her marriage in November 2023, with a number of art and media stars and celebrities in attendance. At the time, she did not reveal the identity of her husband, mentioning only that he was from the Gulf region without providing further details. The wedding took place at the One And Only Royal Mirage where Danyah wore a beautiful dress from the Dubai-based boutique Mary Trufel.

More about the wedding.

Danyah Shafei

The Saudi journalist studied media at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. She is well-known for presenting several programs on MBC3, winning numerous awards, and participating in various events and festivals.


In addition to her work in television, she had her own cartoon series on MBC3 called “Danyah.”

She also runs a YouTube channel where she discusses a variety of societal topics and ideas appealing more to younger audiences.

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