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The Secret Behind Joelle Mardinian’s Success

Read more to know about Joelle’s secret to success as revealed in a recent interview

The beginning of Joelle Mardinian

Lebanese TV Show Host, Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Joelle Beauty, Joelle is one of the Middle East’s most influential socialites. Joelle started her career path as a freelancer at 18 years old but soon decided she wanted to start her own company and become an entrepreneur for herself. Therefore, the makeup artist moved to Dubai from London in 2004 and started her high-end beauty saloon in 2008, founding ‘Maison de Joelle’.

Later in 2013, Joelle successfully opened her own cosmetic clinic in Dubai named “Clinica Joelle,” which has then grown to five locations around the Middle East with branches in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt. Her success on success lead to the launching of her own skincare brand Joelle Paris. Up till this date, the entrepreneur has the longest-running makeover TV program in the region on MBC1.

With over 9.5 million followers on Instagram and 2.5 million on Facebook, Mardinian is one of the top influencers in the region, empowering Middle Eastern women and breaking barriers. She is a self-made entrepreneur and business woman as well as a TV presenter as she hosted her own show on MBC1 for 13 years, garnering a viewership of 90 million watchers worldwide.

Recently, the business woman released her own reality TV show called “Unfiltered” where she appears in her home amongst her family and children, showcasing the human behind the label. The show aired on Shahid in 2023 and is still available on the platform for viewing.

Recent interview

In a recent interview with Qatar Living, Joelle admits that the reason behind her success is that she’s always “strived to be the best at anything she does.” She adds that she is quite competitive and loves overachieving, and even recalls wanting to impress her teachers and parents by simply being the best. This of course, comes with a lot of patience and dedication. Even today, the influencer admits that she constantly wants to impress her fans: “That attitude is what paves the way to success.” The socialite’s hard work, accompanied with her consistency in the field is what makes up her global success.

When asked about her success in the makeup industry, first learning the skill and then creating her own salon and later hosting her own show, the star says her genetics play a role. She says that her mother was a makeup artist and she gets her passion from there. Similarly, the influencer’s daughter is also drawn to makeup according to the social media influencer, proving that genetics really do play a role. A mix of genetics, passion and consistency are the key to the business woman’s success in the social media, makeup, business and TV world.

To watch the full interview, click here.

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