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Laila Zaher Announces Exciting Engagement 2024

Laila Zaher, the eldest daughter of Egyptian actor Ahmed Zaher, announced her engagement on Hisham Gamal


The upcoming wedding of an Egyptian household figure

Our favourite Gen Z Egyptian actress, Laila Zaher, daughter of actor Ahmad Zaher, is getting married.

The star is slated to marry Hisham Gamal. We are extremely delighted for the pair.

The couple turned to Instagram to share the exciting news, writing: “We read Al Fatiha a couple of days ago, and our engagement ceremony will take place soon.” “Please pray for our success and happiness.”

Laila Zaher is an Egyptian household figure, most notably for her role in the world-renowned Egyptian trilogy Omar & Salma, alongside great performers Tamer Hosny, Mai Ezz Eldin, and her own sister, Malak Zaher.


Laila engaged to Hisham Gamal

Hisham Gamal is the CEO of Roznama Productions, a well-known media and news firm in the Middle East that produces music albums, television programs, advertisements, concerts, and movies. Hisham, like his fiancĂ©e-to-be, is a talented singer, actor, producer, director, and songwriter. They’re the model for a powerful pair.


Laila’s father, Ahmad Zaher, also celebrated the ceremonious occasion on Instagram, sending a beautiful family photo with the caption: “All the best wishes to the newlyweds, and a thousand congratulations to my sweetheart and soul, Lili.”

The cutest Sister Duo


Similarly, Laila’s sister Malak Zaher wrote a poignant Instagram post: “My heart is literally so full no words can describe how I’m feeling right now. May you have a lifetime full of love and happiness my beautiful bride and groom.”

Following the joyful news, the couple got an outpouring of love and support from family, friends, and some of Egypt’s most prominent figures in film and music. From Dorra Zarrouk to Moustafa Amar, the majority of Egypt’s A-listers praised the couple in the comments section.

We wish the pair all the best as they go forward. Congratulations <3

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