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Noora Shawqi: Sustainable luxury jewelry Emirati designer 2023

Check out Noora’s newest Maldives inspired collection


Sustainability is the cornerstone of Emirati jewelry designer Noora Shawqi’s self-titled jewelry company, which positions her as a forerunner in the field of responsible luxury.

Inspired by her travel

Noora claims majority of her inspiration behind the jewelry designs lies in traveling. She claims experiencing different cultures and landscapes fuel her creativity. Helping shape collections that tell stories of her journeys.


ie: – her recent CSR Maldives Campaign.

In an effort to maintain the fragile balance of marine life and coral reefs in the Maldives, they have partnered with the conservation group Reef scrapers on their most recent CRM campaign, the Maldives Collection.

Noora’s story


Noora has always cherished jewelry. She used to visit the mall, frequently as a child, stopping by jewelry stores to talk to the jewelers and pick their brains. She claimed studying gemstones, diamonds, and jewelry-making was the first step to take when the designer realized this was the career path she wanted to pursue. When she felt she knew enough, she set out on her adventure.

Noora was recently part of the Vacheron Constantine One of Not Many campaign. She even got the chance to mentor a student for a couple of months to achieve her dreams and life goals.

Her newest line

The CSR initiative, was created to protect the coral reefs in the Maldives in partnership with Reefscrapers. It’s an additional demonstration of their dedication to ethical corporate conduct and environmental preservation.

A respectable conservation group dedicated to protecting marine and coral life is called Reefscrapers. Their knowledge and objectives coincide, which makes them the ideal collaborator for the CSR initiative in the Maldives.


The vivid marine life and pristine waters of the Maldives are captured in the Maldives collection. Seashells, blue oceans, and the splendor of the Maldives are all reflected in each piece. The Maldives’ natural beauty and offerings served as Noora’s primary source of inspiration. By promoting coral reef preservation, the CSR initiative seeks to return the favor to the source of inspiration.


Shop the Maldives Collection by Noora Shawqi and learn more about the Reefscrapers initative here.

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