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Have a conversation with yourself? WhatsApp’s new feature allows you to send messages to yourself

A new form of memos have arrived. Send messages, links & more in a chat all to yourself with WhatsApp’s new feature.

WhatsApp note to self

WhatsApp might have just released a feature we wanted since its initial inception but is it maybe too late? The Meta-owned company just announced it’s rolling out a new feature option that enables users to send a message to themselves, which could be good for keeping notes, sending links that you want to get back to, keeping track of appointments, etc.

As you can see in this example, you’ll be able to see yourself as a contact in your WhatsApp recipients list, with WhatsApp highlighting examples like shopping lists, travel inspiration, voice notes, etc.

The feature has been in testing for the last few weeks, with beta testers already having had access since late October. WhatsApp has now confirmed that it’s being rolled out to all users, on both Android and iOS smartphones and desktop versions.

How would WhatsApp’s “Send Yourself A Message” work?

As noted, to send yourself a message in WhatsApp, you’ll be able to choose your contact info from the top of your contacts list. Tapping on that will open up a chat window, where you can send yourself a quick note, image, or link that you would like to keep as safe storage.

We have to consider that the new addition to the biggest communication platform seems to be a very small adjustment, whether it will deem functional or not time will tell, but it’s worth noting some positive aspects that this can have in users’ life.

To compete with the innovative technology that comes integrated with Apple products, WhatsApp can’t even begin to compare, as Apple’s notes allow you to draw up documents, write freely with your hand, quickly transform your notes into a pdf to send to colleagues and the list just keeps going on and on and on…

One snag that is important to note down is the hassle it sometimes takes to save a link that you would like to revert back to, and the biggest consensus comes in when you see something on your work computer and have to email it to yourself to have it on your phone.

Annoyingly, these minor details get lost in all the email threads, and when the workday clock strikes 5 pm it’s out of sight and out of mind. However, we never seem to stop using WhatsApp to communicate and send late-night messages, which could be a perfect space on our smartphones to act as reminders to revert back to saved notes.

Whether you are feeling in the mood to send stupid little messages to yourself like: ‘Hey, you look good today’, just to give yourself a little pep, or maybe text yourself a joke that always makes you laugh, no matter how many times you see it.

There’s a range of ways this could be used and although it might be small, it could develop its potential much more in the future once the company can determine if there’s a big enough demand.

It’s a small, but potentially helpful addition. The new “note to self” option is rolling out to all users this week.

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