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Make memories with these 10 photographers for your dream wedding

Romantic, cinematic or surreal, pick your mood board, and these wedding photographers will bring it to life.

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An intimate ceremony in your parent’s backyard or a grand wedding in Rajasthan’s most scenic location, there is no way to do a wedding wrong. Weddings have been extravagant events for time immemorial. However, it has evolved to be more sophisticated and private in recent years. Bringing to life the magic and intricacy of love and laughter at a wedding is no easy task. From India to Italy, weddings are a memorable and important moment in a couple’s life. Wedding photographers work to capture the stolen glances, emotional moments, the conventional ceremony and the little in-betweens. 

Planning your wedding or making a dream mood board, these wedding photographers will give you all the inspiration you need. 

Thierry Joubert

Thierry Joubert is a wedding photographer that succeeds in bringing out the emotions connected to the ceremony with an authentic cinematic touch. His photographs are intimate and sensual, centring on the bond the two lovers share. If you are looking for something straight out of the movies, Joubert might be the ideal person to capture just that.

Magic Motion Media

This group of wedding photographers make photography look like a piece of cake. They are well-versed in portraying the unique character and connection between a couple through their wedding photographs and videos. Whether the mood is playful or elegant, translating it through their cameras is what they do best. Magic Motion Media is an upcoming brand in wedding photography based in Kochi, Mumbai and Dubai that you should definitely check out as you plan your big day.  

Corbin Gurkin

Gurkin’s photography brings out the romantic in you. It plays with natural light and focuses on the subtle and beautiful when capturing a couple in love. The wedding photographer is someone who blends the best of both worlds, with editorial compositions and unplanned moments coming together in the perfect ratio.

Chris & Ruth Photography

Capturing love-struck moments that are spontaneous and unconventional, Chris and Ruth have their game on point when it comes to weddings and couple photography. Their unique style and colour palette play a crucial role in them standing out from other wedding photographers in the field. For a destination wedding in Nairobi or Ibiza, Chris and Ruth are the people to go to.

The Yellow Draft

Fun and laughter are two things that define the experience of a typical Indian wedding. The Yellow Draft are the people to capture those emotions perfectly. Whether you are having an exciting time putting on garlands or making your grand bridal entry, they have figured out the best angles and the important moments. If you need a trustworthy wedding photographer for your wedding, The Yellow Draft is the way to go.

Israni Photography and Films

As you drive away with your lover or sit by the beach reading to them, these wedding photographers will help you capture the moment in the most aesthetic way possible. Israni Photography and Films is another Indian-based wedding photography and videography brand available globally. Whether it is a regal Indian wedding or a classy church ceremony, you won’t go wrong with Israni Photography and Films.

Tali Photography

Tali Photography highlights the ethereal character of weddings through their photographs, focusing on intimate moments between the bride and groom. The Germany-based photographers are Nikon Ambassadors who have been vouched for by multiple clients they have worked with. No one captures the elegance of a wedding gown better than Tali photography. 

Stories by Joseph Radhik

Did someone say celebration? Joseph Radhik is the photographer to bring all your Big Indian Wedding dreams to life. Having been featured on Netflix, CNN, GQ and many other prominent platforms, they are a group of photographers that are well-known worldwide. With vibrant colours that scream love and matrimony, this group of photographers know how to unveil the crazy of a sophisticated wedding. They are the names behind many Indian celebrity weddings and have inspired brides and grooms all over the world in wedding planning. 

Sam & Ekta

Sam and Ekta are all about “Keeping it REAL”. They strive to capture unprompted and sincere moments through their wedding photography. A look of surprise or a glance of nervousness, trust the photographers to reveal the genuine emotions of a wedding. Sam and Ekta are experts at documenting weddings, and their Instagram profile is proof of their talent.

Jose Villa

One of the most influential photographers in the field, Jose Villa is a fine art wedding photographer who evokes the truth and essence of a wedding through his work. He has over 413K followers on Instagram, where he frequently uploads his photographs. Jose successfully conveys the entire wedding experience through every one of his photographs, whether it is the location or a picture of the bride’s veil. He’s the photographer to book for your dream wedding. 

Whatever emotion you are looking for, these wedding photographers have got you covered. Check out their work on Instagram for the wedding inspiration you did not know you needed.

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