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An initiative by Facebook helps small businesses with loans.


With small businesses still struggling to cope with the compounding impacts of the pandemic, Facebook has announced two new initiatives to provide support for SMBs, (small and medium business) and help them better manage their cash flow in their time of need.

First off, Facebook’s launching an expansion of its Invoice Fast Track program, which enables SMB’s to apply for Facebook to buy up their outstanding invoices, providing immediate cash flow benefits.

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Facebook mentions, “For a low, fixed fee, eligible businesses can get cash immediately for the goods and services they’ve invoiced their customers for but would otherwise have to wait months to get paid – time and capital they can now use to invest in the recovery and growth of their companies. We will fund up to $100 million in invoices on an ongoing basis and are operating the program in partnership with Supplier Success and Crowdz.”

Businesses can find more information on the program at the dedicated Invoice Fast Track mini-site. In addition to this, Facebook’s also launching a new in-app application process for grant and loan opportunities, making it easier for SMBs to access resources and information.

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Which makes sense – many SMBs are operating month-to-month, with their intake and expenses in fairly close alignment, so even short-term closures or business restrictions can have a big impact. And when you also consider that the vast majority of businesses are SMBs, that also points to the broader economic impacts, which will flow through to all organizations eventually, and cause revenue impacts for some time, even in the post-COVID environment.

Which is why funding and support initiatives like this are important, and it’s good to see Facebook looking to invest in this critical element, and provide assistance for smaller providers as they work to manage the ongoing impacts.

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