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8 Things You Should Consider In Your Branded Content

Hug Digital CEO Tim Baker outlines his social media advice at VIDXB

8 Things You Should Consider In Your Branded Content

Tim Baker, managing partner and co-founder of Dubai-based online creative agency Hug Digital, had a few pieces of advice for brands at this weekend’s VIDXB Industry Sessions.

Here are eight of his most important points…

1. Digital advertising counts for 41 percent of all advertising – that’s more than television.

2. Most brands and companies don’t have the budget for television advertisements anymore.

…And that’s totally fine, as they can still reach their audience via social and digital media.

3. You can’t do everything with one piece of content.

Therefore, marketers and brands need to be diverse. Schedule, and attack from all front. Think video, think boomerangs, think picture carousels, think six-second ads. Change it up.

4. Every time you upload branded content, think carefully about its digital purpose.

And, be honest with yourself as to whether it’s working or not. Even if you think it’s great, is your audience responding? If not, it’s time to scrap it. 

5. It’s key for brands and companies to learn how to change and adapt quickly.

Or become defunct. This is a new era. 

6. If it isn’t video, a lot of your viewers won’t bother to stop and see it.

Now more than ever, if you want your brand to be seen, your content needs to be video. 

7. A new model of digital agency has arrived.

Social agencies, SEO agencies and web agencies all work independently for one and other. But going forward, more will need to be brought in-house and under one roof to prosper. 

8. There are four aspects that make up the story that are imperative for your video content.

Character, Action, Structure and Attention all go into the makings of a good story – and, therefore, good video content.

  • Characters need to have missions and a purpose.
  • Some kind of Action needs to happen, throughout the story.
  • The Structure of the story needs to contain a beginning, middle and end.
  • And in order to keep your audience’s Attention, some kind of tension and satisfaction needs to occur in the story.

If you aren’t familiar Hug Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in helping brands tell their story, through digital and social media.

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