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Meet the top Arab creatives changing the landscape of digital art  

Discover a new wave of artists challenging digital forms to embrace creative spaces for digital art.

Digital Art

Representation and the dissection of Arabs have never been such a common thread in digital art when it came to the exploration of their roles, identities, and collective representation in the Middle East and beyond. A theme and form of art that perfectly coincides to compliment the social media-dominated era we live in.

Creating digital art enables Arab creatives to use social platforms as creative spaces to showcase their work, by publishing it as is, without any need to take pictures of “traditional style artworks” (like paintings or installations) that might miss smaller details when captured by the viewer.

In a recent article published by Cosmopolitan Middle East; “9 Arab Artists that’ll make your IG all the more Prettier” we dive deeper into the works of these 9 creatives spearheading an artistic movement in the Middle East.

Discover the top Arab creatives making impeccable digital art

There’s a new wave of Arab creatives challenging the forms of digital art by exploring the boundaries of graphic designs with traditional mediums to produce work that’s captivating and invigorating to the soul.

Adra Kandil

Lebanese artist Adra Kandil is a digital artist that uses her work to voice the representation of Arab women. Born in Beirut, Kandil utilises her talents to spread awareness of female empowerment, sexuality, and freedom of expression, where her body of works delves into controversial discussions to educate her audience via powerful visuals and thought-provoking mediums. Her digital art upon the first gaze makes you experience a sense of a “girlie galaxy” but once processed the viewer begins to understand her strong resonation to 60s photography and how she explores the moon as an epitome representation of beauty.  Her work Dear Nostalgia by Adra is a visual letter to a place that never was.

Sara Al Abdali

Saudi artist, Sara Al Abdali, renowned for being one of the country’s first street artists has a plethora of work that utilises cultural motifs and controversial “issues” to create thought-provoking collective conversations. Her digital art aims to discuss subtly challenge and educate viewers of sensitive social topics within Saudi, as well as highlight other humanitarian issues such as Palestinian suppression. Her work has been described as a fine line between acceptable commentary and incendiary critique, which has been broadly applauded for using art as a form to deliver “restricted” messages in the Middle East.


Think obscure, thought-provoking, and a world where modern digital art makes you feel of a reincarnation of Edvard Munch. Majdoline’s work is a unique play on combining art with architecture to explore proportions, and the principles of art to manipulate imagery that transports viewers into a modern version of surrealism.

Zeina Gammouh

Drawing similar references from shared inspirations of outer space and surreal digital collages to Adra Kandil, Zeina Gammouh is a digital artist that is pushing her creative visions to the extent of ending up not only as our wallpapers but within our wardrobes as well. Having launched a merchandise collection and collaborations Zeina is fast on the rise to showcase the potential of strong digital art when it comes to business ventures.

Tony Maalouf

Interior architect, illustrator, and Lebanese patriot, Tony Maalouf utilises his body of work as a narration to take viewers on a journey through everyday life, his passion for rich architecture, and showcasing the beauty of his mother country. You might recognise Tony’s digital art as he is the one to blame that creating artworks comprised of “pictures within pictures” which when you zoom in endlessly there’s another surprise waiting for you in the next frame.  

Narmeen Hamadeh

Palestinian illustrator, interior designer, and digital artist, Narmeen Hamadeh is a force to be reckoned with as her art and talents visually act as an extension of her thoughts, values, and self-expressions as an Arab woman. Currently based in Saudi, Narmeen’s work speaks volumes, and is surely a digital artist to keep on your radar when it comes to visual education and Arab representation.

Rami Afifi

A digital artist to be reckoned with, Rami Afifi is a creative genius fast on the rise to shape a modern era of representation when it comes to political art delivered via innovative forms. Dubbed by many publications as the Palestinian digital artist who speaks up about various social injustices that happen to the Arab world, Rami blends his creative passions of pop-nostalgia to highlight controversial socio-political messages in digital art.

Nourie Flayhan

Lebanese artist, Nourie Flayhan is a Levantine storyteller and illustrator. Currently based in Dubai Flayhan’s body of work has garnered international recognition as her talents have been scouted by powerhouses such as Gucci, House of Aama, and Carolina Herrera. Her digital art evokes a sense of warmth, where she draws inspiration from childhood memories and a connection to what third-generation children consider home after feeling displaced.

Céline Raffy

Graphic designer and Egyptian illustrator, Céline Raffy -also known as Celli Belli on Instagram is a digital artist whose work speaks volumes when it comes to visual portrayals of her surrounding influences. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, her illustrations reflect her feelings from observing people around her to nature and cultural references that she displays with ink drawings made by hand which are then transformed digitally by adding colour.

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