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Beauty Influencer in trouble for “White” brand campaign 2023

A beauty brand is facing backlash for using “White” Influencers for a campaign

Beauty Influencer in trouble for "White" brand campaign 2023

TikTok drama alert!

in a recent TikTok drama, Pink Honey, the cosmetics sensation founded by Olivia Taylor, found itself in a sticky situation after a Christmas staycation left its influencers in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The trip, seemingly devoid of diversity, sparked a wave of criticism from users who felt the chosen influencers failed to represent the colorful mosaic of the UK.

Influencer calls out on TikTok

Make-up artist May Tahmina’s viral video questioned why beauty events in 2023 still lacked diversity. Taylor, responding tearfully in a six-minute apology video, defended the influencer selection, citing ties to the brand’s growth rather than gender or skin color as the criteria. Despite Taylor’s reassurances, the controversy left fans and content creators hurt and frustrated.


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Adverse effects

Adding to the drama, small businesses like Bear Burners, which contributed over £500 worth of products, expressed disappointment as Pink Honey’s promise of promotion on its platforms seemingly went up in smoke. The lack of content from the staycation left these businesses feeling “silly, hurt, frustrated, and tired.”

In a surprising twist, influencer Alana Jasmine Thomas took matters into her own hands, announcing she wouldn’t share content about the event and instead chose to give away the gifted products to her followers. Her gesture, tagging all the brands involved, was a refreshing pivot in response to the controversy.

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Pink Honey’s misstep highlights the growing demand for diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry. As users and small businesses voice their concerns, it’s a reminder that brands can’t afford to neglect representation. In the world of beauty, where creativity knows no bounds, it’s high time for all shades to shine.

Influencers call out brand for lack of racial inclusivity 2023

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