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Dubai TikToker Hamdan Al Rind’s 7 Most Viral Videos

Watch this Dubai TikToker’s 7 most viral videos

Dubai TikToker

Who is Dubai TikToker Hamdan Al Rind?

Famous Dubai TikToker Hamdan Al Rind, better known as the “Car Expert” on social media, who recently had to face legal consequences and was charged with defaming Emirati society, has since gained over 15 million views on TikToks that previously did not get any air.

In the viral video that eventually got him arrested, the Dubai TikToker was dressed as a traditional Emirati man, wearing a kandura, the long white robe typically worn in the Middle East, sunglasses, and a surgical mask. He spoke in English but with a heavy Arabic accent, made jokes at car showroom employees, and went on a car-buying spree.

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Here’s the 7 most viewed videos on his TikTok since the announcement of his arrest:

The Lamborghini Veneno Roadster – 118M views 45M right there #carexpert ♬ original sound – Car Expert

200,000 AED car for his nephew – 95.1M views #carexpert ♬ original sound – Car Expert

The Mercedes Bobo Engine – 34.7M views Wake up! #carexpert ♬ original sound – Car Expert

The Mercedes G63 – 33.2M views Wait for it. #carexpert ♬ original sound – Car Expert

The Ferrari 812 GTS Mansory – 20.6M views Mansory. #carexpert ♬ original sound – Car Expert

In case of emergency – 19.2M views Incase of emergency. #carexpert ♬ original sound – Car Expert

The Brabus Rocket 900P – 15.1M Wear 🎧 #carexpert ♬ original sound – Car Expert

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