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Gary Vee says everyone needs to start a podcast by 2024

Take a look at the 5 easy steps you need to do in order to create a podcast

Gary Vee says everyone should have a podcast by 2024

American businessman and writer Gary Vee said that everyone should start a podcast by 2024 as it’s the easiest way of “creating content.”

Why should we start a podcast by 2024?

During one of Gary Vee’s interviews, he said “I believe everyone should have a podcast.” He continued to say “Getting guests is an easy way of creating content” and if you think about it, it’s true.

By getting guests on your podcast, the person you are interviewing depending on how big they are, will generate the views for you. Understand what your podcast will be about and choose guests that will help you reach numbers and other people. You don’t have to be the most skilled person in the world, all you need to do is have a professional set up and an awesome guest.

5 easy steps

If you need help on where to start with creating a podcast or what to do, then follow these simple and basic steps below:

  1. Get two podcast microphones
  2. Create a backdrop that is consistent
  3. Create a video setup – two closeup shots and one wide
  4. Book a guest through social media or email (create a professional email)
  5. Research your guest and write down 10 questions – remember, the deeper the question the more excited your audience will be to watch it. The more basic the question, chances are someone can just find out the answer online
  6. Publish it on all the major platforms and get your guest to share it with their network

Podcast Concept

If sitting down at a table asking questions isn’t something you had in mind then Gary Vee also mentioned doing an activity while asking questions as your podcast. For example, he said “I’ve been dying for someone to do a brushing your teeth podcast” and he spoke about his team creating a “cereal entrepreneur” podcast. The concept is simple, eating cereal while asking questions or having a conversation.

The more interactive it is (again, depending on the topic or subject), the more engaged your audience will be. Gary Vee said himself that he would happily watch a 26 minute video of someone brushing their teeth while answering questions!

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