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Google’s emoji mashup is a great way to elevate your content

Now you can create emoji combinations directly from Google Search


Emoji Kitchen on Google

If you search for ‘Emoji Kitchen’ on Google, a small box on the top of the search results that is littered with emojis and a button that reads “Get cooking” appears. If you click on the prompt, Google expands the box to show an array of emojis that you can choose to combine.

Emoji Kitchen works by combining two or more existing emojis to create new and unique combinations. For example, you could combine the mushroom emoji with a cityscape emoji to create a mushroom house. Or, you could combine the octopus emoji with the gift emoji to create an octopus coming out of a box.

The emoji maker also works on mobile browsers and the Google app, which means iPhone users can finally access the feature and paste their creations into iMessage. Google previously only made Emoji Kitchen available to Android users through its Gboard app. 

How does this help with content creation?

There are hundreds of possible emoji combinations, so content creators have endless possibilities for creativity. Emoji Kitchen can be used to add humor, personality, and visual interest to any type of content, be it DMs, Reels, or Stories.

While the aforementioned examples are a bit unprofessional and silly, any content creator can use the emoji mashup to make better combinations depending on what they’re promoting or talking about.

For instance, a cooking Influencer can use the Emoji Kitchen to combine the banana emoji with the bread emoji to create a post about their latest banana bread recipe. Or, a lifestyle Influencer could combine the pumpkin emoji with the cowboy emoji and use it in a story about an upcoming post on Halloween decorations or costumes.

All social media is very visual, and using emoji combinations is an easy and fun way to create engaging visuals for stories or posts. By using emoji kitchen in creative ways, content creators can capture their audience’s attention and make their content stand out from the crowd.

Here are some additional tips for content creators who want to use Emoji Kitchen effectively:

  • Use emoji combinations that are relevant to your content.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Use emoji combinations sparingly. Too many emoji combinations can be overwhelming and distracting. Use them sparingly to add emphasis or visual interest to your content when needed.

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