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Here’s how to see Quote tweets on X

Find out how to still access your favorite features on X


You can no longer view Quote tweets directly on the X, formerly Twitter, website or application.

Why can’t I see Quote tweets on X?

It’s not a glitch, and it’s not just you. X is going through a redesign.

One of the several changes being made to the platform is the ability to easily access and read quote tweets from the post. Now, you can no longer quickly access Quotes via the post itself. It’s gotten more complicated.

Users have started to figure out that the quote tweets are not where they usually are, and they’re getting sick and tired of the many changes being made at headquarters.

It is unclear why the change was made as the company or Elon Musk has not provided any information about it. Previously, quotes were the primary way users could respond to a post if comments were turned off.

How to view Quote tweets

Follow these steps to read them all:

Step 1: Click on the post whose Quote tweets you want to access.

Step 2: Click on the three little dots on the top right of the tweet, and select ‘View post engagements‘.

Here you can see all of the quote tweets made in response to the original tweet.

It’s a lengthier process, but at least they’re not gone entirely. We know the experience on the application wouldn’t be anything without them.

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