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How to build your own TikTok filter using the app’s AR development platform

Why search for a filter on TikTok when you can create one?

If we were to list Gen Z’s life essentials it would probably include food, shelter, and filters. Being well aware of this list, Tiktok has introduced its latest feature, the Effect House, an augmented reality (AR) development platform which will allow TikTokers to build their own AR effects.

According to TechCrunch, the platform has already been used by more than 450 creators who have put their filters out there to be used by other users. Now the real question is, how can you become one of those creators and build your own filter on the platform? Having some technical know-how will definitely help you get started; however, TikTok put together a complete step-by-step guide that will provide you with detailed descriptions and demos that cover every aspect of filters, from textures and materials to Segmentation and Face Track.

Credits: TikTok

This “getting started” video is just the tip of the iceberg; the Effect House website aims to equip anyone and everyone with the necessary knowledge to let your creative juices flow. Want to create a filter of your favorite makeup look? Go to Face Mask! Looking to incorporate 3D elements in a crazy, fun effect? Visit 3D face!

Creators will even be able to watch live demos on the app’s Knowledge Lab to see filter creation in action. All in all, you’ll find yourself on the way to becoming a filter pro in no time.

Having said that, every filter will have to conform to certain Effect guidelines before they see the light of day. In brief, effects are required to steer clear of anything that could promote violence, negative body image, cosmetic procedures, eating disorders, bullying and much more. This decision comes at a time when the effects of social media on users’ mental health are proving to be more and more serious by the day and by the filter, so kudos to the platform for carefully monitoring what circulates on it.

With the introduction of these new tools, TikTok is coming closer to its competitors Snapchat and Meta which already offer developers the opportunity to build their own AR experiences. Also, this feature should elicit more content creators to post on the app with the prospect of having their filter and accordingly their profile go viral.

We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely excited to give Effect House a go!