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How to use hashtags to boost your content on TikTok

Learn how hashtags can make your content go viral…

Creators often dismiss hashtags on TikTok in hopes that the app’s advanced algorithm can boost their content. This may be true depending on caption, viewer watch time and the timing of trends, however hashtags hold more weight than you think.

Here’s how to use hashtags to manipulate the algorithm and boost your videos!

Hashtags Matter!

Using 4-7 hashtags has actually been proven helpful on TikTok DUE to the amazing algorithm of the app.

They are able to give the intelligent algorithm direction regarding to whom it should distribute your content to.

Using hashtags help you target and reach your specific audiences better, attracting more interaction.

There are 2 types of hashtags that have effect on boosting videos; the viral hashtags and the niche hashtags.

Viral Hashtags

Though viral hashtags may seem overused, they help the algorithm push your videos to reach broader audiences on the For You Page.

Niche Hashtags

These are hashtags that retain to your specific content and video, also known as the niche. Using niche hashtags target the specific audience that is attracted to your specific niche.

Individual Stratedgy

The hashtag strategy you use is depending on the kind of content you create on your page.

If your content is based around a specific niche, such as selling art, it is more beneficial for the creator to use niche hashtags to reach an audience that has previously looked at other videos of art as this would be exposing your page to the right audience.

This audience would be more likely to engage with your videos as they are truly interested in the videos you are producing or the niche of your page.

On the other hand, if you are posting videos that would be able to attain to a much broader audience such as entertainment, it is useful to use viral hashtags to attract engagement. The algorithm will then be told to figure out where to push your content, allowing it to be pushed to many different For You pages.

Mixing the two different types with in 4-7 hashtags on a video may improve your audience engagement and boost your content just that much more!

boost your content with hashtags

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