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Identical Influencers play hilarious prank on husbands

Identical twin influencers, Stephanie and Sammie, leave followers in stitches as they prank their husbands with their striking resemblance

Identical Twin influencers prank their husbands

Influencers take the twining game up a notch

Influencers Stephanie Buckman and Sammie Nowakowski, the @toxtwins hailing from Florida, have taken the concept of twinning to extraordinary heights. Meeting their husbands on the same day in 2014, these 30-year-old sisters share a life filled with uncanny similarities and delightful pranks.

Former college roommates turned aesthetic physician assistants in Jacksonville, Buckman and Nowakowski have synchronized their lives in remarkable ways. Even their golden retrievers are siblings from the same litter, adding another layer to their parallel existence.

They chronicle their lives on Instagram, boasting nearly 100,000 followers who are treated to glimpses of their identical lifestyles. From a common car to a shared wardrobe, the twins bring a touch of humor to their mirrored routines.

Who’s my wife?! Husbands get pranked

In a recent prank video, the sisters playfully tested their husbands’ ability to distinguish between them. “Our voices are… very similar – our husbands cannot always tell us apart because we sound the same,” shared Buckman.

With a massive following of 161,000 on TikTok, the twin influencers share behind-the-scenes footage and playful antics, further solidifying their unique brand. While some may find it puzzling, Buckman embraces the beauty of their closeness, stating, “Most people think it’s amazing we are so close and have a built-in best friend to navigate every stage of life with.”

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