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Influencer sentenced to jail for intentional plane crash 2023

Influencer lands himself in hot water after performing stunt for clout

Influencer Trevor Jacob crashes plane for clout 2023

Crash for clout

In a shocking turn of events, YouTuber, Influencer and former Olympic snowboarder Trevor Jacob, aged 30, has been sentenced to six months in prison for deliberately crashing a small plane in California as part of a stunt to generate online views and sponsorship.

The incident unfolded on November 24, 2021, as Jacob set off from Lompoc City Airport toward Mammoth Lakes. However, the journey took an unexpected turn as Jacob orchestrated a crash in Los Padres National Forest, parachuting from the plane after feigning engine failure. His video, aptly titled “I Crashed My Plane,” amassed over 4.4 million views on YouTube.

Jacob’s legal troubles began when he admitted to one count of destroying and concealing evidence with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation. He had informed the National Transportation Safety Board of the crash two days after the incident, but his subsequent actions raised suspicions. Jacob flew by helicopter to transport the wreck, disassembled the plane, and disposed of its parts to impede a Federal Aviation Administration investigation.

Facing scrutiny from the aviation community, Jacob’s video raised questions about his parachute choice, the lack of a distress call, and the decision to bail immediately instead of attempting a landing. He pleaded guilty in June, revealing that he agreed to promote a sponsor’s product—a wallet—in the controversial video.

Influencer Trevor Jacob crashes plane for clout 2023

Regret and repercussions?

Despite the legal consequences, Jacob, whose pilot’s license had been revoked by the FAA in April 2022, released another video titled “I Got My Pilots License Back! But I’m Going To Prison” after the sentencing. In the video, shot before the legal proceedings, Jacob expressed regret for his actions, emphasizing that crashing the plane was a childhood dream rather than a pursuit of fame.

While the Influencer acknowledged the severity of his actions, Jacob did not address key questions about the staged engine failure or the intentional crash in his latest statement. He remains hopeful about personal growth during his six-month prison term, thanking his attorney for the support.

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