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YouTube new analytics Product drop 2023


The application is updating its Product Drops feature in live streams, as well as adding new analytics panels and exploring a new structure for its TV app.

First and foremost, consider Product Drops. It is relaxing the rules for Product Drops in live streams, allowing more producers to incorporate drops to market their products.

YouTube’s advice

As per YouTube:

“Any creators who have connected to their first party stores, or are participating in the YouTube Affiliate Program can set up Product Drops in the live control room on YouTube. This means that more creators will be able to use Product Drops to boost sales and engagement on their live streams.”

YouTube will also soon allow producers to use Product Drops at any point during a live stream, removing the need to arrange ahead of time.

Creators helped

“This will give creators more flexibility to react to the moment, and drive excitement in real time.”

According to the application, many creators have received a positive response to their Product Drops, with the participatory, engaging process helping to create hype and ignite additional audience interaction.


The application is also revamping the flow for creating Community Posts in order to simplify the process and, ideally, attract more channels submitting text-based updates in the app.

Community Posts continue to be a minor component, while It has been attempting to make them a bigger focus throughout the year by introducing new engagement elements such as polls, quizzes, disappearing updates, and more.

TV apps

Simplifying the creation process is another step toward increasing awareness and possibly increasing interaction with your audience.

Finally, YouTube is testing a new style for its TV app, which will make it easier to access various aspects.

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