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Influencer reveals 2-step hack for effective winter lip care

Influencer reveals easy and affordable beauty hacks, try it out!

Influencer reveals 2 step hack for winter lip care

Influencer hacks, it works

Chapped lips during winter are a universal woe, but Angie, the self-care influencer behind @cosywithangie on TikTok, has a budget-friendly solution to keep your pout smooth.

Vaseline is the best hack

Angie’s 9-second video, boasting 1.2 million views, unveils her winter lip-care secret that won’t break the bank. She emphasizes the use of Vaseline or any “occlusive of your choice” to combat dryness. By dampening lips and applying a layer of moisturizer before sealing with Vaseline, Angie claims you can bid farewell to winter-induced lip troubles.

Affordable alternatives

Angie reassures viewers that Vaseline isn’t mandatory; any occlusive within your budget will do the trick. In her practical routine, she employs an old lip balm, making the remedy nearly cost-free. The tip garnered positive responses from the TikTok community, with users appreciating the affordability and effectiveness of the hack.

Influencer reveals 2 step hack for winter lip care

Toothbrush treatment

In a follow-up video, the influencer shares her method to revive already chapped lips. The magic tool? Your toothbrush. Angie suggests a gentle scrub with the toothbrush, dampened with water, once a week after brushing your teeth. According to her, this helps in “removing the majority of the dead skin on your lips,” offering a simple yet effective remedy for those battling severe dryness.

Angie’s lip-care wisdom has resonated with viewers seeking frugal yet efficient solutions. TikTok users praised her approach, with some sharing their variations and personal experiences. The interactive nature of the content fosters a sense of community, transforming Angie’s advice into a shared resource for combating winter’s lip challenges.

In a world where expensive lip masks and scrubs dominate the market, this Influencer’s accessible and practical tips bring a breath of fresh air to winter lip care. So, next time you feel the winter chill taking a toll on your lips, remember, that a little Vaseline and a toothbrush might just be the budget-friendly remedy you need.

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