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Instagram grid aesthetic VS the content: what’s important?

Watch what Gary Vee has to say about Instagram feed and content here

Instagram grid aesthetic VS the content: what's important?

Do you worry about what your Instagram feed will look like as well as the content you are posting? Gary Vee settles the argument in his latest video.

What’s more important?

Of course, we all love an aesthetically pleasing feed as it can help people to want to follow you. They look at your grid, and think, wow, that’s super organised and the aesthetics I love. However, is it more important than the content you are sharing? Or are they both just as important?

If you can get the right balance between the two, then great, it’s not impossible to do that. There are many fashion influencers who create different looks and upload Reels every day using the same background with similar colour tones.

Gary Vee talks strategy

However, businessman and author Gary Vee put the record straight. In summary, Gary Vee says that focusing on your Instagram feed is irrelevant and the content you produce is more important. The content is everything as that is what will keep your audience engaged.

If you think about it, he is right. If you follow someone because of their aesthetic Instagram grid and then begin to see their posts on your homepage, it may not interest you as much as the actual grid. Gary Vee mentions in the video 90% of the action is in feed.


Many of us in the past may have followed a page because of how stylish and cool it looks, but as time goes on, you would find that the content was actually irrelevant. Content is the reason why people find you and why people want to stay engaged in your profile. Don’t worry too much about what your grid looks like, focus on what you are posting.

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