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Laura Lee racist tweet scandal continues 2023

Is Laura Lee’s career over due to her racist past?


Cancelled yet again?

After tweets from 2012 revealed in which the YouTuber used the N-word and shared other racist jokes, brand partners have been seen distancing themselves from scandal-ridden YouTuber Laura Lee. Laura later apologized in a video that many viewers thought was deceptive, and she’s been losing followers ever since – around 487,000 to date.


Brands Dropping Laura Lee

Various beauty and fashion brands that formerly worked with Lee, including beauty store Ulta, cosmetics firm Morhpe, subscription box startup BoxyCharm, and sunglasses maker Diff, have openly broken connections with the influencer.

While Ulta had previously stated that it would postpone the debut of Lee’s cosmetics brand, Laura Lee Los Angeles, pending an investigation into the event, the retailer has now terminated the agreement, according to The Blast. “We have decided not to move forward with the launch of Laura Los Angeles,” the firm stated in a statement. “Ulta Beauty values equality and inclusivity in all that we do.”

Her current colaborations


According to The Blast, Laura’s frames are no longer accessible on the company’s website after unveiling a sunglasses partnership with Diff in July. “We’ve taken this issue very seriously and do not support the comments that were made,” the corporation allegedly said in response to consumer concerns. “Our Peachy frames are currently unavailable for purchase.” Thank you for your patience.” According to The Blast, Laura’s artwork has also been deleted from the Morphe website, where her items are labeled as sold out.

Finally, BoxyCharm CEO Yosef Martin took to the company’s Facebook page to publicly denounce Lee’s tweets, calling them “disturbing.” The subscription box company had previously vended Laura Los Angeles products in its boxes.

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