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Mark Zuckerberg launches Meta AI, a ChatGPT for IG, FB, WhatApp & more

Find out which celebrity faces are part of the campaign and what Meta AI is all about

Mark Zuckerberg launches Meta AI

Mark Zuckerberg has some new and exciting updates to keep up with the growing digital trends and what customers want. To get the latest on everything that is happening with Meta, subscribe to our newsletter and get the news first straight to your inbox.

New AI Assistant

The news which was shared online was also shared by Kris Jenner as the campaign featured daughter and supermodel Kendall Jenner. Zuckerberg announced in his WhatsApp messaging updates that he is launching a new AI assistant which you can talk to in WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram Direct, and soon Quest 3. The AI assistant will be able to answer many questions with real-time info just like ChatGPT and generate photorealistic images like Google Bard, and more.

Zuckerberg is also introducing lots of fun AIS with expertise in cooking, fitness, travel, fashion, sports, writing, games and more, played by some familiar faces. Take a look at the new feature here and what you can expect to be coming soon:

Celebrity Faces on Meta

Not only does Kendall Jenner make an appearance in the video, but also Dwyane Wade, Tom Brady, Charli Damelio, Snoop Dog, and T Pain. More faces will be introduced to Meta AI as the product develops but here are some more of the faces you’ll see popping up to speak to you.

Meta AI

Marketing Celebrities

Mark Zuckerberg and his team understand what people want or how to sell to different audiences. Influencers and celebrities are the driving force for change, especially when it comes to advertising and marketing. Mr Beast is another familiar face that is used in the new Meta AI feature as he speaks to millions of youth. By having Mr Beast as an AI figure, people will feel as though he is with them – it becomes more personable.

Disadvantages of AI

Although it may be great to feel like you have a celebrity in your home, it does also feel like an invasion of privacy. How far can Meta go and what will be next? As new features are released, so should new laws as they keep the public safe.

What do you think of Mark Zuckerbergs new Meta AI launch? Is it exciting or should be fear it?

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