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MrBeast rejects Elon Musk’s plea for X presence 2024

YouTube sensation MrBeast politely declines Elon Musk’s offer to bring content to X, citing financial impracticality and highlighting challenges faced by the platform in attracting top creator

MrBeast rejects Elon Musk's plea for X presence 2024

Elon Musk, owner of X (formerly Twitter), sought to lure YouTube sensation MrBeast to the platform, appealing for video content. However, the attempt was met with a polite rejection from MrBeast, citing financial constraints. The interaction underscores Musk’s ongoing efforts to revitalize X’s appeal.

Twitter struggles

Since Musk’s takeover of X in 2022, the platform has faced challenges, including advertiser exodus over content concerns. Musk’s attempts to collaborate with figures like Paris Hilton and introduce premium subscription services aim to revitalize the platform and attract creators.

MrBeast’s polite rejection

The Youtuber’s response to Musk emphasized the substantial cost of his videos and the financial impracticality for X. Despite past banter about taking over X, MrBeast’s primary focus remains platforms with larger audiences and monetization capabilities.

Challenges in creator payouts

While X claims to have paid nearly $20 million to creators, it pales in comparison to the earnings of top creators. Creator payouts are tied to X Premium subscriptions, adding complexities and delays to the process, and raising questions about X’s appeal in the fiercely competitive creator market.

Financial woes for X

X faces financial uncertainties in 2024, with Fidelity’s revaluation report suggesting a 71.5% decrease in its worth compared to Musk’s acquisition price. The platform’s future hangs in the balance as Musk navigates challenges, including financial viability and creator engagement.

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