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Ramadan campaign ideas to help boost engagement

This is your sign to be creative and post now for Ramadan! Read more…

Ramadan Campaign ideas 2022

Understanding the importance of Ramadan and what it is, is the first and most important part of this article. All over the world, Muslims, and others who are observing Ramadan, come together during this holy month to fast, pray and reflect. During the month, no eating, drinking, smoking, or participating in anything excessive is allowed from dawn until the sunsets. This is a time to cleanse the soul, focus on God, and practice the selflessness of giving back. Through acts of self-control and acts of faith, those who are observing their fast are will feel spiritually closer to the community and ultimately, to God.

Worldwide, iconic symbols are used in marketing sources and advertisements to reflect the month of Ramadan. Dates are essential in breaking your meal when fasting, the crescent moon is widely seen as the most common symbol of Islam, and finally, lanterns are used to convey the spirit of the holy month. Using the symbols that represent Ramadan not only helps to boost engagement but also helps to understand what the campaign is for. Automatically, by seeing these different visuals on marketing and advertising sources, the audience will relate to the brand/offer/service.

Formulate a message that relates to your brand as well as Ramadan. What is a common message you share? For example, Coca-Cola this year created the campaign ‘Celebrate the Beauty of Togetherness This Ramadan’ using the hashtags #RealMagic #Ramadan #BlessedSeason. What Coca-Cola has done is created a warm story-telling video using the message of being together, with friends and family with the iconic Coca-Cola drink depicted throughout the video as the product bringing everyone closer. The use of visuals, sizzling sounds of the fizz, and bottles cracking open is all part of the sensory feel we get when watching.

Create your own hashtags and use the hashtags that are already trending. Some of the currently trending hashtags for Ramadan are, #Ramadan2022, #Ramadan, #RamadanKareem, and, #RamadanMubarak. Why not make your own campaign hashtag related to the product or service you are trying to sell/promote? This is a great way to see who is engaging or interacting with your posts which translates into measurability for the final report.

Research into working with influencers as this is a busy time of year for influencer marketing. Having an influencer working with your brand and who has influence over many during Ramadan, will reflect a positive effect on your service. ITP Live is a leading influencer marketing agency who are able to put together a plan of action for your brand and help you source the perfect influencer that reflects the goals and objectives of your business. Let the influencers use their creative flair to come up with something unique and powerful.

If you’re in the food business or a food influencer, then this is the best time to be creating content around Ramadan as everyone is always looking for ideas on what to cook as well as food décor for the table. As mentioned previously, Coca-Cola created their message about togetherness and in their video, they had everyone around the table, sharing food and drinking the soft drink. Building a concept around sharing food, making fresh food, or dining together is a great way of getting your message across during Ramadan.

Those in the fashion and beauty businesses also have the advantage to showcase their services during Ramadan as everyone wants to look nice for Iftar. The breaking of a fast is treated as a celebration as well as the feeling of gratitude for being able to enjoy delicious meals. Those who are observing Ramadan would either invite friends and family over all dressed up, or they can go for dinner at restaurants with a dress code. Show a variety of #outfitinspiration ideas in a simple yet effective reel or use it as an idea for a Campaign. For example, a makeup brand could create a campaign like ‘feel comfortable this Ramadan with our brand new light peachy blush.’ This is actually a great way of launching a product during this time and relating it in some way to Ramadan. The keyword here is ‘feel comfortable.’

This then goes on to posting offers during Ramadan. Everyone loves a good offer and it’s during this time that it would be more popular as everyone would be doing it. You don’t want to be the only person who isn’t in the giving spirit as that could cause hindrance to customers coming to your service. Offers, discounts, and half-price sales are a good way of not only introducing your product or service onto the market, or creating awareness around the product, but also helping to get money coming into the business.

Remember to be respectful in the message you are trying to promote to your audience. If you’re trying to attract the attention of your Muslim customers or followers, it may come across as offensive if not done properly or respectfully. Your goals should be to align with those of the observers and therefore presenting the idea to someone of the faith will help you to diversify the language used, what can be said, and everything else around the campaign.

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