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Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses releases 17th Oct

Learn more about the new Meta Smart Glasses and how you can live stream with others!

Meta Ray Ban Smart Glasses launching 17th October

This week, Mark Zuckerberg made some big announcements and one of the announcements is the next generation of Ray Ban Meta smart glasses.

Special Features

The new announcement came as a ripple affect with other major news updates. Mark Zuckerberg said the glasses are upgraded in every way which includes better camera, better audio, lighter, and more styles. They are also the first glasses to ship with Meta AI.

You can also use a live stream feature to live stream with friends and followers directly from your Ray Ban Meta Smart Glasses on Instagram and Facebook. This is a new advancement in technology and introducing technical features to everyday wear. The danger in this, however, is less focus and concentration – if you’re live streaming or using the glasses in public, this may cause a distraction of being mindful of everything happening around you.

The glasses now have a 12 MP camera and five-mix system so you cn stay better connected with hands-free calls and messages listening to your favourite tracks through built-in systems. Get creative and get information fast by controlling the features by voice with Meta AI all while keeping your telephone device in your pocket.

Extended Battery Life

There is also an extended battery life on the case allowing you to stay connected for longer. The slim case fits in your back pocket and bag allowing you to charge your phone with ease for up to four hours with single charge and up to 36 hours* fully charged.

The advantages of smart glasses are that it’s something new and it’s something different that everyone will want to get their hands on. Ray Ban Smart Glasses that you can live stream on – who would have thought it?

Power Switch

Capture button

Touch pad


Availability & Pricing

Ray Ban Meta smart glasses available Oct 17 for $299. Pre-order:

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