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Winter is coming and we have the best ski influencers to follow

Read all the latest news on which ski influencers to keep up with for the latest slope challenges, brave tricks, and ski athletes that leave us in awe.

Ski influencers

Fall is in full swing and we are already seeing some early birds putting up Christmas lights to welcome the coldest season of the year. With temperatures dropping we gear up for another ski holiday either for a wonderful staycation, to experience the winter wonderland at Ski Dubai, or planning to challenge some natural ski slopes in Europe. We have gathered the top 8 ski influencers on Instagram to follow for the best ski inspiration this season.

The best ski influencers to make you drool with winter sport excitement

Eric Balken

Eric Balken has dubbed himself as a ski bum, a lover of the sport, and an individual who builds a life to maximize time on the mountains. Eric may not classify himself as an influencer, but his true passion for the sport that’s so ingrained into his personality and adventurous self has gained him more than 11.9K followers on Instagram. An authentic and organic influencer as you may, with a niche fan base. His account explores the different terrains to be found for ski lovers in America, especially in Utah. His creative content and mesmerizing reels regularly show him going off-piste, challenging his ski skills, and testing the limitations of his bravery in skiing on uncontrolled terrain.

Mauro Caviezel

Mauro Caviezel is a Swiss World Cup alpine ski racer with an impressive 11 podium titles behind his name. The professional athlete has garnered 42.1K users following him in admiration on Instagram for his year-round hard work, training, and commitment to the sport. Mauro Caviezel takes you behind the scenes of what it takes to get racing ready as he shares content of his skiing, running track, and strength training, all while giving us glimpses into his hobbies and personal life.

Kelly Sildaru

At first, when you land on Kelly’s Instagram page you might think to yourself; “cute girl, very beautiful, loves the outdoors, and then oh wait what… she’s a professional skier?” As a matter of fact, Kelly is amongst the youngest ski influencers to have an Olympic bronze medal behind her name, Halfpipe World Champion as well as a 10 times XGames medalist. At 20 years old, the Estonian ski influencer is climbing the ranks of ski champions at an impressive rate, all while cultivating an online following to take her 117K followers on a journey of her life on and off the slopes. Sharing content of her achievements, passions, and traveling journeys, Kelly often shows her taste for adventure from surfing, to being in nature and life as a young adult with big dreams.

Colin Wili

Freestyle skier, Colin Wili can be described as one “of the most talented slopestyle skiers in the world.” The ski influencer, has a hip flair to his ski style and influencing persona as he embodies characteristics of the “laid-back surfer dude” vibe, but only for a winter wonderland, and instead of sunset and waves, he channels slopes and snow on his Instagram page. The 24-year-old talented skier is also a member of the Swiss Freeski Team and is currently taking his 10.8K followers with his journey to ready himself for the 2026 Winter Olympics in Italy. One thing to note is that he differentiates himself from other professional skiers by his rugged ski style choices and incredible daring tricks.

Daniel Conrad Loosli

Upon first glance, Daniel’s Instagram page will leave you breathless and in awe not for his ski abilities, but for the way his photography skills are capturing some of the most soul-touching images. The play on art, style, skiing, and nature is so eloquently balanced that it’s hard to imagine he’s a professional athlete and not a self-branding influencer who just loves the snow. So if you are looking for the best inspiration for your upcoming ski trip, make sure to follow the epiphany of ski-influencing Daniel Conrad Loosli’s page.

Nuria Pau

Adventure junkie at heart, ski influencer Nuria Pau is an alpine skier champion. The Spanish skier shares glimpses into her life as a professional athlete as well as her traveling ventures and workouts off the slopes. From yoga to off-road biking and hitting the sandy shores of tropical islands, Nuria takes her 9.9K followers on the adventure with her.

Dominique Ohaco

Chilean Ski athlete, Dominique Ohaco is one of the women’s most renowned ski influencers. Having had the opportunity to qualify 3 times for the Olympics, she was chosen to be Chile’s flag bearer at the 2014 Winter Olympics and represented her country that year as well as in 2018 and in 2022. Her love for the outdoors is truly reflected through her content as she channels her bravery for daring tricks and other sporting challenges. What’s even more beautiful is that Dominique takes you on a ride of the raw and captivating nature in Chile, a side of the beautiful country that tourists don’t always get to see.

Simen Hegstad Kruger

Simen is a Norwegian cross-country skier whose name was circling around the world of winter sports after the legendary Skiathlon scenes at the Olympic Winter Games. He won the gold medal in the 2018 Olympics Skiathlon event, giving Norway a medal to take home! His Instagram content always shows him with a smile on, displaying his positive mindset and true passion for the sport shine through.

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