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Snapchat+ introduces cool new AI features 2023

Snapchat rolls out new AI features for users to have fun with!

Snapchat+ introduces cool new AI features 2023

Snapchat takes on AI

Snapchat+, the premium subscription package from Snap, is celebrating a significant surge in its user base, now totaling 7 million paying members, up from 5 million just three months ago. To make the subscription even more enticing, Snapchat has unveiled some exciting generative AI features.

AI visual creations

The highlight is the addition of a new visual creation process within the composer, where users can now leverage text prompts to generate AI images seamlessly. Much like existing AI art platforms, Snap’s version empowers users to craft imaginative artworks directly in their Snapchat stream.

Enhancing photos

Users will also benefit from an innovative outcropping feature that utilizes AI to extend images. This enhancement promises to elevate the creative possibilities for users, allowing them to go beyond traditional photo boundaries.

Snapchat+ introduces cool new AI features 2023

The “Dreams” feature

The most collaborative addition is the “Dreams” feature, enabling subscribers to co-create AI images with their friends. While Dreams is accessible to all users, non-subscribers can only create eight free images, with subsequent creations incurring a cost of 99 cents each. In contrast, subscribers receive a complimentary pack of 8 “Dreams” each month, enhancing the collaborative experience for friends within the app.

Snapchat+ introduces cool new AI features 2023

These new features not only enhance the overall value of Snapchat+ but also serve as a strategic move to attract more subscribers during the festive season.

The app differentiates itself by focusing on fun, value-added features that resonate with its user base, positioning it as a leader in the evolving landscape of social media subscriptions. With these fresh updates, Snapchat+ aims to further solidify its appeal and potentially attract more subscribers before the year concludes.

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