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Snapchat shows in the GCC to look out for this Season

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Snapchat: Top 9 Arab shows to look out for this season

Are you new to Snapchat or looking for the top shows right now in the region? We have contacted Snapchat to research and find out which shows are gaining popularity on the app, as well as a bit about the show – including Snapcodes!

“We are eager to continue providing Snapchatters with content that’s not only highly engaging but also locally relevant to them and the region. By working with some of the top media publishers and creators in MENA, we are excited to continue delivering those stories through the same organic way that Snapchatters love to consume content on the platform” said Sara Abu Zahra, head of strategic media partnerships and programming for Snap Inc. across MENA.

Kalam Nawaem, MBC Group

Show Name: Kalam Nawaem by Broadcaster MBC Group   Description: Kalam Nawaem is considered one of the most important talk shows directed towards women in the Arab world. In its episodes, it hosts influential female figures to discuss various topics that concern women.

Selfie by Broadcaster MBC Group

Show name: Selfie by Broadcaster MBC Group   Description: A Saudi comedy show that addresses issues and daily life within Saudi society in each episode. These topics are humorously addressed by Nasser Al-Qasabi and a selection of stars.

Who’s Crushing Social Media? By Augustus Media

Show Name: Who’s Crushing Social Media? By Augustus Media   Description: Who’s Crushing Social Media? discusses the top trending news from influencers, viral videos, trending hashtags, entertainment, movies, and music in the region.

Bader Snap Show by MCN Alfan

Show Name: Bader Snap Show by MCN Alfan   Description: Follow the latest trends and snappy comments of Badr Saleh, and the exclusive ‘Ask Badr’ segment on Snapchat.

File Marma by Al Arabiya

Show Name: Fil Marma by Al Arabiya   Description: Fil marma is a sports program presented by Battal Al Goos that hosts an elite group of football stars, club presidents and sports officials, and discusses prominent sporting issues in the Saudi sports community through exclusive analysts.

Break program by Broadcaster Rotana Media Services

Show Name: Breik by Broadcaster Rotana Media Services   Description: A program that hosts guests from social media influencers and celebrities, addressing various social topics related to the Saudi community, in addition to popular stories with the host and narrator, Breeq Al-Shalawi.

Maybe once..? With Omar Farouk | What’s wrong with you..? With Omar Farooq with MCN Alfan

Show Name: Gad Marra ..? With Omar Farooq by MCN Alfan   Description: Omar Farouk is one of the most famous content creators in the Arab world. He’s known as ‘Omar Yajrab’ (‘Omar Tries’) because he loves experimenting and visiting countries around the world! Omar tries, and you can try along with us.

Jana Hesham by Moja Social

Show name: Creator Jana Hesham by Moja Social    Description: Experiments, vlogs, information and stories
Show name: Jana Hisham   Description:   Experiences, notes, information, stories

Business Talk Podcast by Digital Publisher Thmanyah

Show: Podcast Mortada by Digital Publisher Thmanyah  
 Mutada Podcast by Digital Publisher Thmanyah Description: The most important events in Saudi football with Obaidullah Al-Issa and Bandar Al-Masharafi    

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