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Snapchat partners with Samba TV for enhanced ad measurement 2024

Snapchat elevates ad measurement, partnering with Samba TV to empower entertainment advertisers

Snapchat partners with Samba TV for enhanced ad measurement

Insights for entertainment advertisers

Snapchat has just upped its ad measurement game through a strategic partnership with Samba TV. This collaboration is geared towards offering ad partners in the entertainment vertical a more profound understanding of the impact of their in-app campaigns.

Samba TV, renowned for providing insights into TV viewing behaviors, will extend its prowess to share engagement and response insights with Snap advertisers. The focus is on the entertainment vertical, enriching media and entertainment brands with valuable outcome measurements. Samba TV’s extensive network, connecting with 48 million smart TV devices, ensures comprehensive data on viewership across free-to-air, cable, and streaming TV content.

Campaign impact and decisions

Through this partnership, the social media app advertisers gain the ability to measure conversion outcomes, employing Samba TV’s VTR solution to understand how their campaigns impact viewership across linear and streaming programs. The collaboration empowers advertisers to make data-driven decisions, optimizing spending on Snapchat.

For Snap, this marks another step forward in enhancing its ad offerings, providing entertainment marketers with diversified tools to measure performance. As Snapchat remains a crucial platform for connecting with younger audiences, this partnership promises to unveil specific response data, attributing Snap campaigns more effectively to viewer outcomes.

Effective immediately for Snapchat Ad partners

The partnership between Snapchat and Samba TV is already in effect today, with Snap ad partners gaining access to the enhanced measurement capabilities shortly. As the digital advertising landscape evolves, this collaboration strengthens Snapchat’s position as a dynamic platform for advertisers looking to make impactful connections with their target audience

Snapchat partners with Samba TV for enhanced ad measurement

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